Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a verdict

Whilst personally disappointing, the election results appear to be a good thing. Hopefully the UPA can keep back the begging bowl for a rainy day. Hope they now have the balls to implement a national agenda, free of the Left and the ilks of DMK , Samajwadi etc.,
At the point of writing, PC has lost (so much for his arrogance) thanks to the Tamil film industry campaign. (Unfortunately, he has won in a recount, so we will have to suffer his arrogance for another term) . It would be better if Manmohan Singh is the Finance Minister. He can hold two portfolios, since in any case the PM one is just a rubber stamp as "authorised' signatory. Naturally, Karunanidhi wants cabinet berths for his several family members. One no daughter, one no son (one no son for the state) and one no nephew. So the moolah can keep pouring in to the family coffers.
The BJP has to do some serious re-think. They now have four years to decide whether they want to be a national party or not. They have to dump LK Advani and promote the younger guns, drop Ayodhya etc and focus on Bijli, Sadak and Paani.
The Congress should thank the NREG programme. A few villages I visited have been totally swept by this programme, even if they do not see the full money. Even a daily dole of 30 bucks for each family member is working wonders. Forget what it does to the fiscal deficit.
Now the Congress will have the unpleasant task of shit cleaning the mess it thought that someone else would inherit. Let us hope that the global economic recovery is rapid enough to hid this and we emerge smiling.
One thought. On Monday morning, we may have a great opportunity to sell stocks.

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