Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The ballot box- What does it hold?

At last. Votes have been cast. In two days, the count will start. Till then, the TV channels will go crazy with exit polls, likely permutations and combinations and such other serious intellectual masturbation. The anchors know it all. They cut off the speakers in the middle, dis engage when the topic gets too hot and when the agenda gets out of the comfort zone. Of course, the talking heads from different parties also like to ensure that the other person does not get to talk.
I managed to cast my vote, with great difficulty. Not finding my name in the list, no election official willing to help out and finally brute force of seeing the list personally helped. The election officials all seemed to be in the employ of the ruling party. A call for complaint to the 'election' observer (who I am told is generally an IAS rank) was shocking. When I told the person about my name not being on the list, inspite of being on the list with several party desks outside the election office, the observer said. "too bad". I got pissed off and asked the person whether that was their attitude to everything. In response I was told to lodge a formal complaint. Surprise!! The complaint was to be addressed to the observer. The election commission is just a charade and is clearly a tool in use by the ruling party. That is the impression I walked away with. At the polling centers, the presiding officers made no move to help and were eager to shove me out.

Coming to the results, it will be interesting to see the outcome. Will not be surprised if a cobbled up Nth front is given 'support' by Congress, if the exit polls are anything to go by!! So, we can look forward to another fresh era of heightened corruption as the new netas try to milk their kursi's in the shortest time possible, due to fear of the government not lasting the full term.
And with netas joining the band wagon to form the government likely to make heavy demands, we are in for surprising cabinet.
Most likely, we are headed to a big khichdi, with the rice missing.
Long live democracy.

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