Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family affairs- Making of a cabinet

The Wimp and the Iron Maiden are stuck, almost ten days after the so called 'clear' mandate from the voters. With the second and third (de) generation of veteran politicians getting elected (no surprise since these off springs are born in to so much wealth that they have to get back in to the gutter to multiply this wealth) there is a problem of seat and ministry allocation. With some of the families having both generations elected, it is indeed a dillema for any irrational root of a rational number.
Of course, loyalty to the ruling family has its rewards, with plum ministries.
Dekh tamasha, dekh.
Whilst every good human being is happy that Arjun Singh is no longer screwing up the education system, the equally big fear is of someone else wanting to play the 'secular' Congress card by promoting even more reservations. Maybe the new person will also have a fiat for quotas in private sector jobs also. Will be one more brownie point for the next election for the Congress!!
God save the citizens of the world's largest family ruled nation.

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