Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family first (My family and other legislators)

Finally, Karunanidhi dots the 'i'. One son given cabinet, one the state, grand nephew taken care of. Daughter not yet taken care of, so lets watch for this.
Family rule at Centre, J&K, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi.....
We are surely a big happy family.
So, as party members realise that they cannot climb up the family tree, they will have to be content with the cash and other monetary benefits thrown to them by the ruling families.
Ergo, corruption has to go still higher. Already at its highest since independence. Not that this bothers the industry or anyone. Industry happy that at a price 'impossible is nothing'. Politicos happy that the money tree is growing. People have iron in the soul. Good story for page 3 media to air, gives them TRP's.
The joys of the family spread happiness. Rejoice.

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