Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swine Flu

Given the apathy and the total lack of ability in the health ministry, I am afraid that the swine flu is going to take a huge toll on India. One state was mentioning that the health ministry does not have a measly sum of under Rs.20 million to buy diagnostic kits!!
Added to government apathy, the bigger contributory factor is the misery of the human race in india. Poor hygeine standards, 'bugger thy neighbour' attitude and the sheer number of the slum dwellers is mind boggling.
The wimp has 'advised' the Health Minister to take 'suitable' action. Shades of "Yes Minister".
Mera Bharat Kahaan

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RS said...

The worst part is that the brunt of all this is being borne stoically by the docs, while the mantris and their poodle bureaucrats sit in offices and utter banalities like "there is no dearth of infrastructure" or "the swituation is under control".... bollocks!