Wednesday, August 5, 2009

(B)ailing airlines

Mr Prannoy Roy made an impassioned plea as to why the government should bail out the private sector airlines!!. Then, I realised that if it goes through, the next in line could be media companies!!
What an idea, Sirjee!!


ArthaNITI said...

Looking into the future further, post bail-out of media companies, our media hotshots would be seen running a campaign for "Freedom of the press" - after all bailed out banks paying bonuses may inspire many.

subra said...

Bail out is never for the industry. It is just to protect vendors, employees, lenders, etc. Afterall when AIG got bailed out Goldman Sachs got Rs. 12.5bn US $. This could be used for paying bonuses! So we may need bail out for life insurance, gen insur, mutual funds, etc. after banks are bailed out!!