Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BJP- The beginning of the end??

With the 'dismissal' of Jaswant Singh, the BJP seems to have axed itself out of contention with a lot of followers who were not with it because of fundamentalism. After the election results in May, LK Advani should have gone. However, he seems to be sticking on like super glue. The party does not have any followers left from outside the Hindu RSS club. At one point, there was great hope that BJP would provide national leadership.
The party has to completely over haul itself. Time to drop the geriatrics like Advani et al and give more power to the likes of Arun Jaitley. Also, the party has to make peace with the RSS, without actually being seen to be fundamentalist. A tough ask, but if the BJP cannot get back to track, it will be a national tragedy.
The Congress is a one (wo)man party. The cabinet is appointed at will and pleasure of the Italian lady. And this party does not have a clear economic agenda, with some of its leaders being seen as reformers (mistakenly so) and the party following a socialist policy apart from dividing the country in to pieces in the name of 'appeasement' of so called minorities. It is the Congress which has used religion as a card, since independence.

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