Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some books for the Investment Enthusiast

One book to read - "Competitive Strategy" - Michael Porter- Will take time- Every sentence in the book seems to fit some company, if you think long enough. One reading is a waste. Keep on reading it for life. Helps me to look at a company from a longevity point of view and take a call.
For those who have zero knowledge of accounts, I recommend "How to Read a Balance Sheet". It is published by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and an Indian edition is recommended. Wonderful introduction to accounting. Very inexpensive.
For those who know accounts, I recommend "Techniques of Financial Analyses" By Erich Helfert. A timeless classic . Indian reprint available, I think
Graham and Dodd :"Security Analysis"- A timeless classic. Not to be missed.
All other books, no views. Some are entertaining, some give us some perspective, but no book gives you an education. There are a few classics I like:
1. Where are the Customers' Yatchts?  -  Fred Schwed
2. Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits - Philip Fisher
3. Jonathan Livingston Seagull- Richard Bach
The last mentioned book has got nothing to do with investing, but will make you become better at whatever you do and help you keep faith in yourself, if you have done the right things.

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Meenakshi Pai said...

Thanks for sharing and have great 2015 ! The last book mentioned sounds interesting, will read for sure.