Friday, January 15, 2010

The Midas Touch Investor-

A compelling read on Goldman Sachs.The clout with the Feds (packed with ex Goldman guys) and the entry of Warren Buffett (who again ensured that the firm got the best of terms from the US govt) shows corporate governance at its abysmal worst. After this, if the world even expects corporate governance in any part of the world, it is only fooling itself.
It is money that counts. The more you can get, the more power you get. Does not matter how you get it. The key thing is not to get caught. If you involve the Fed, Warren Buffett etc, you are never going to get caught.

Jai Ho for Goldman and for Warren !

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subramanyam said...

The Golden Rule of Investments? The man who has the Gold makes the Rules for investment. So that is being followed.