Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aamchi Mumbai- The decline of Mumbai

The Congress displayed its appeasement as well as divisive politics in Maharashtra. They want to give cab licenses to local lingo speaking and 15 yr domiciled persons only. No one fights. This is clearly un-constitutional, since it does restrict freedom of employment.
Not that this is going to make a difference. If you look at the local lingo domiciled populace, they are not the type who will work hard. Most of them will be content with government jobs, with pension and their daily stroll in the 'naana naani' park. If you really break down mumbai, it is the out of stater who slogs and makes the state and city a better place. This is because he faces hostile odds and has come with a mission. Obviously his hunger is more.
I have seen this happen in Malaysia, where the Bumiputra guy is tolerated since he 'facilitates' business. Mumbai is heading to that. Job reservations for locals will one day mean that a company will treat that as a cost of doing business in the State. So, it will tell the 'statutory' local to stay at home, pay him, and go on with life.
Imagine if the doctrine of the taxi license is applied to call centers in Mumbai. Or to the media in Mumbai. It will be great to see.

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