Saturday, June 20, 2009

SEBI- Lost and yet to be found

SEBI wants 'anchor investors', who will stay on for at least thirty days!! This is supposed to give confidence to retail investors.
I wonder when will the pretence stop and we realise that in stock markets, it is 'caveat emptor'? SEBI cannot catch capital market crimes. So, it resorted to 'compounding'. Now it has nothing to do. So trying to micro manage every damn thing and in the process, screwing up.
When will SEBI realise that its role is as a watchdog and a judge. It is not for SEBI to boost trading volumes or to change sentiments.
Simultaneously it has attacked the MF industry by banning entry loads!! Whilst it regulates every aspect of the mutual fund industry, it does not do anything to presecribe even a minimum qualification for a fund manager. Yes, the bus passengers and the conductors should have a license, but the driver can be anyone. I think I will launch a MF with my house maid and the driver as fund managers. It will be legal and you cannot do a damn about it. It is also very likely that they will outperform the fund managers out there, if past performance is any indicator..

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RS said...

Agree about the qualification bit, Bala. As things stand, fund managers have every incentive to lose value... management fees or bonuses are not linked to performance at all...