Monday, June 8, 2009


The arrest of a lady of the erstwhile industrial family is heartening. Not that there are others with unaccounted money. But in this case, surely it must be old money that escaped the tax men as well as some bank that wrote off a loan to some Mafatlal company. All the NPA promoters seem to be rushing overseas to bring back their wealth, before someone publishes a list of people of Indian origin with bank accounts in Lichenstein and other taxfree steins. Sadly, this lady could not escape enemies within the house.
It is funny to see a lawyer pleading that "for a 'measly' 30 lakh duty evasion" why should the client be jailed? I do not see the difference between a pick pocket or a thief or someone who evades duties. In fact the tax evaders are the true scum of the earth, who pour misery on the salaried employees and this crime is the worst of all. If I get a chance, I will surely hang tax evaders. Do not waste your tears for crooked businessmen (ex or present). They are the true pick pockets and parasites.

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Anonymous said...

Whoever did the squealing has done a favor to all honest, tax paying Indians. It is this ugly tribe of super-rich that indulge in tax evasion, to prop up their own personal wealth. Their belief is that anyone who asks for their money must give them a return as well. National interest is not a primary concern for them. Also, I need to highlight a remark in the Times of India today, made by Haseena Jethmalani. Madam thinks that Rs. 50 lacs is not a big amount at all. Madam, ask a middle-class Indian, if this is a small amount! Shouldn't the government read this as, 'I have a lot lot more than you can imagine'? and go after the Jethmalanis for income concealment and tax evasion?

As long as these people have no ethics and an unsatiable greed, these instances will keep happening. The government, must make a example to let everyone know that national interest is paramount.