Thursday, June 26, 2014

Insiders, Banksters and other frauds

Th e air is thick with hush hush talks of buying the stock before the corporate action is announced to the world. And the banksters and others are secure in the knowledge that the regulators will smell but will find it a herculean challenge to prove anything. And of course, if many people are in it together, at worst one or two may get caught.
So why not have a group insurance ? If any one is caught, then the monetary loss either due to penalty or some such action can be shared by the others. And as far as legal help is concerned, unless the fine is huge, no point in attending a hearing.
Ban? Hardly matters. If I am banned, I can always have a demat account in my dog's name . And there are so many investment companies which can never be linked to me.
Let the games begin.

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