Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Gods must be crazy- Man vs Man thanks to Faith and Creed

The VHP seems to be advising all Hindus to have more children. The self appointed guardians do not even know how many branches of Hinduism exist.And for them, India is the cow belt in the north / central India. The south is not even aware of the existence of VHP.

One fear that the VHP tries to broadcast is that muslims will outnumber hindus because of conversion.

VHP should be addressing the issue. Why do Hindus get converted to any other religion? Are Hindus just one large group ? Is there unity amongst Hindus? Why is there a caste divide? Why is VHP itself a brahmin dominated entity?

The VHP should also be doing positive things. As a Hindu, I studied in a convent. The christian missionaries flooded India with schools and hospitals. Today, the Hindu who converts, does so simply because he finds that his economic needs get addressed by those engaged in Proselytization. He walks out of Hinduism often because he is a victim of the caste divide or because of economic reason. God has nothing to do with the conversion.

And, what does it matter what religion or God one worships? Does it make someone a smaller or bigger human being?

Man is out here to make a peaceful living. He surely could do without wars and hatred. So if VHP is serious about its desire to be a champion of Hindus, it should do a few things:

1. Remove caste distinctions.

2. Promote schools, hospitals.

3. Abolish rituals.

I know it is structurally not possible to unify. Every village in India has a different God, different caste, different economic order and a caste hierarchy that is patently unfair and unjust. There is no point in increasing hatred in this world.

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