Monday, December 23, 2013

Aam Aadmi Party- Today is an important day in India's history

Politics in India takes an interesting turn today. Aam Aadmi Party, the new hope on the horizon, takes control of the Delhi Assembly. There is a lot of hope and expectations from many. No one gave AAP a chance. The coming of age of AAP is clearly an indication of the level of frustration of the public with the corruption and mis-governance of the existing parties.

The coming to power of AAP, without a clear majority is interesting. BJP, the party with the most number of seats, is a sore loser and will be in the usual role of opposition. The Congress, with a handful of seats supports the AAP!! Interestingly, AAP is quite vocal against both Congress and BJP.

An interesting strategy from the Congress. Maybe they want to show how 'responsible' they are and how they are willing to listen to the people. In all probability, the Congress support may last till the outcome of the general elections. And if they do badly and BJP does well, they may continue the support. If they do better than is commonly expected, they could pull out.

BJP has ended up as the biggest loser in the Delhi game. First they wanted power. Upset at AAP being the reason for their not getting a clear majority in Delhi, they now look at AAP as a bigger enemy than Congress!!

For citizens across the country, AAP brings forth new hopes.

AAP, however, is perhaps surprised by its own success. A few slogans against corruption and the involvement of citizenry has left them without a proper workable manifesto. The manifesto they now have is quite lame- slashing power bill etc. They need to articulate some economics quite soon. And realise that governance is more important than merely talking about governance.

Everyone will be keenly watching this experiment. And has given a new hope to hardened sceptics like me, that we could have a government that does not include the congress and the BJP. Both parties are virtually the same, though the BJP states that the Congress had a longer tenure to ruin the nation.

Unfortunately, in the last five years, BJP has done absolutely nothing. Just boycotted parliament. Nothing remedial has been suggested. The campaign speeches of their leaders, including Mr Modi, have merely been anti-Congress, anti-dynasty lectures. Nothing about what they intend to do has been spelt out. And the infighting at the top is not over at all.

I write this, presuming that Aam Aadmi Party is accepting the proposal to rule Delhi.

The way AAP has gone about consulting people at this stage, perhaps is an indication that they will do so when it comes to any big issue. That is welcome and refreshing.


sonit garg said...

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sonit garg said...

You can share this article at with your credentials.

Karthikraja K said...

I liked the point " Governance" which AAP failed. they can only blame but they are not fit for against dirty politics and do some "Chankya" way.