Saturday, November 9, 2013


Secularism. A word wrongly introduced in to our constitution that is breaking the nation today. Secularism according to Nehru and his descendants has become a tool to divide and remind people constantly through the tool of reservation.

I always believe that religion is a personal business and should not come out in to the open. Pray at home. Keep your gods at home. Break down temples, churches, mosques. Maybe make them in to public conveniences. If you believe in your gods, they should be all over. Why go to one place and pray? And why use loudspeakers in this modern era? Why have public festivals that are nuisances to those who give a damn for those dunkings and processions?

The word that should have enshrined in our constitution is "LAICITE" and not secular.This is a word used by the French to define secularity.IT DENOTES THE ABSENCE OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS IN GOVERNMENT BUSINESS AND ALSO THE ABSENCE OF GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS. This would surely have been a far nobler goal to reach than the appeasement tools used by different parties to whip up sentiments.

In the west, progress happened only after the separation of the Church and the State.History is evidence.

It is high time that we ban ALL religious outfits. And this will make people focus on economy. A sad case where the head of a scientific outfit goes to a stone idol with a plastic model to seek divine assistance. How terrible.

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ssk tpj said...

Great revolutionary thought.