Friday, September 6, 2013

Investor- Blame thyself- No one will help you

Talking to a spectrum of investors, I realise that what they seek is really a magic wand that picks up stocks that will keep doubling every day. They are unwilling to spend time on their money, saying it is beyond them. They keep looking for second hand knowledge. They will not blame themselves for the mess they are in.

They are willing to spend hours at a movie or watching inane shows on television. They are willing to spend a lot of time in choosing a toothbrush. But, they are unwilling to spend even an hour a week on learning some basics of finance and investing.

After all it is their money. No one can share their grief if they lose it. And apart from family members, money should perhaps be the only asset of value. Knowledge is all around. But no one is willing to ask or learn. Easy meat for the planners, brokers and bankers.

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Unknown said...

Nobody can make a right decision every time. Being wrong is part of the investing process.

In investing some losses are inevitable. Investors when faced with a loss must introspect. And more importantly take full responsibility for decisions having gone wrong.

God helps those who help themselves.