Monday, December 31, 2012


One of the problems with crime in India is the quality of legal help available plus the timeliness in getting it. Legal aid is supposed to be free and every district is supposed to have one. Publicity is not given to those and many of them would be like unmanned railway crossings. None of the big law firms will do any pro bono or free work. No issues. However, they can today get enough interns round the year. They can take turns in each city to keep a legal aid cell manned. And their expertise can come in helpful. Often, cops refuse to register FIRs. If big name law firms back a Legal Aid centre, this can be overcome. People who are at the receiving end should have a helpline that is manned by quality. This should go a long way in helping the public. Timely and proper legal help can help to bring justice in a speedier way.

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