Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coal India - Some FII is angry-

According to a report in Moneycontrol (http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/fii-view/tci-blasts-coal-india-for-ignoring-minority-shareholders_679569.html#toptag) The Children's Investment Fund is miffed about the company not standing up for the rights of its minority shareholders. TCI is another FII, who seems to not understand how our public sector companies work. We have a SBI, which is used to distribute largesse to some perceived poorer sections of society, ONGC, BPCL, HPCL etc are constantly screwed by the Oil pricing policy of the government. Each and every PSU has been established with a view to providing a tool to the politicians (read government) to either line their pockets or to win populist favour. I can ask TCI if they are merely upset with the pricing policy intereference alone. Does the fund know that the accounts are not fudged? Does TCI know whether the inventory reported in the books are real or not? So many questions to ask and TCI ends up asking irrelevent questions. For example, do we have any FII ever asking questions (or being worried about ) the level of interference in SBI or ONGC or HPCL or any other PSU? If they dont ask and are happy with what the promoter shareholder does to the company, how can TCI dare to ask? The report says that TCI owns some piddly one to two percent shares in the company. The promoter holds near about ninety percent. So, tell me, whose rights are more important? If TCI does not like what the owner does to his company (in every private company also, the promoter does what he wants. Diversification, appointment of children to offices of profit, buying and selling through family owned agencies, private aircrafts etc etc etc), they are free to sell what they own. No one compels them to own shares in a company which is so important to politicians and ministers. The TCI chap also seems upset with the owner's decision to supply coal to private sector companies at low prices. Now, listen buddy. If India's private sector funds the political parties, does so many favours, is it not fair that the government reciprocate in some way? And, look at it this way. This act of low priced sales of coal will ultimately help the cost of power to be supplied by the private companies low. So, if something benefits so many people, who the hell are you to ask questions. Obviously, you do not have any knowledge of how the world works. Maybe the fund is called The Childrens Fund. I hope that you are an adult, who is aware of ground reaiities. I am sure you had at some point invested in great companies like Enron, WorldComm etc., We no longer care about what american bankers or investors tell us. Look at the mess they are in and look at the problems they have caused us. So, TCI, you can like it or lump it. Coal India is a Navaratna and the government of India has absolute monarchy over its affairs.

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