Monday, August 1, 2011

Manmohan Singh- A parallax view

All of us love to trash Manmohan Singh. Weakest PM, gutless etc.,

One thing strikes me. All of us seem to want him out. We have not thought about the subsequent possibilities. Then maybe we will get Rahul G or Pranab. One is a family member and the other a family loyalist.
Today, Manmohan Singh appears to be quiet and infirm. Think. He is letting the Supreme Court function without fear or favour and it is possible that this wave of judidicial activism could clean up a lot of things. If either Rahul or Pranab were out there, would they have let this go on? Would they not have bamboozled their way through and let corruption continue unabated?
Let us give (to borrow a cricketing phrase)'the benefit of doubt' to Manmohan Singh. Perhaps, in today's muddied water, he is the one paddling beneath the waters.

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