Monday, October 4, 2010

IIT Coaching Classes and the present education system

In one of my earlier writings ( I had moaned about the problems facing the IIT's in the matter of finding teaching staff, due to their being poached by the private classes. I had suggested doing away with the entrance exams in the present form, in order to contain this malaise.
Alas, this has to be done sooner than I thought.
See this article:

The problem continues. Solution lies not just in opening new IIT's but also finding teachers for them. And reforming the tenth to twelfth standard education to make sure that there is just one standard to measure it. State Boards must go. One national standard is a must. Only then can the IIT's be liberated from the clutches of the coaching classes. Today, many state boards have made a mockery of education by having lax standards.

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