Saturday, May 15, 2010

Medical Council of India- Corruption unlimited..

The above article and many other articles about Ketan Desai, makes me angry. The extent of corruption is so wide that one cannot accept that such a thing could have happened without the involvement of many more people.
Apart from corrupting the education system in a field like medicine, one also gets the reasons for the poor quality of doctors being thrown out by the present system. When medical seats are sold and examinations system has been corrupted, the result is a calamity.
The MCI has now been taken over or replaced by a 'panel' with 'independent' experts(?) for a one year period.
However, the cleaning has to go beyond this. Re examine all the medical colleges in the private sector medical colleges. Close down those that do not make the grade and take away the land given to them.
As regards the gentleman in question, not only death for him, but confiscation of all property / wealth belonging to his kith and kin should be the minimum.Letting the b****** live after this, would be a travesty of justice.
Alas, none of this will happen. The gentleman in question will get the kid glove treatment, because there are higher ups involved. They will work overtime to let this guy get off scot free. One more evidence that the system is so corrupted that there is NO hope ever for my India.

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