Sunday, April 4, 2010

The parasites- Burden on society

This article:

talks about how even those caught with tax evaded money, get away with no punishment. We never hear of any one paying huge penalties. The answer is obvious. There is a 'settlement' between the person who evades taxes and the tax officials.

This is how corrupt the system is. Since eons, law makers have been avoiding imposition of punishment for those caught. In fact, to my mind, the tax evaders are the real scum and parasite, who bleed the system and are a slap in the face of the honest tax payer or the salaried employee who has no chance to evade.

I think that each one of us knows many people who evade taxes and are rolling in black money. We should start boycotting the bastards. I also urge the finance minister to publicly announce a reward for those who help in recovering tax. For instance, if there is a ten percent reward to the informer, I will gladly give a list to the department.
The effing journalists also keep quiet on the tax evaders. Citing libel laws, they do not put the name of the tax evader. They also never follow up on their stories as to what kind of punishment gets meted out.
I maintain that India's corruption level is at its highest since 1947. And getting worse each minute.

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