Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Indian Pyjama League

The cricket tamasha in India is getting more enjoyable. Mr Lalit Modi cannot bear to see the elections derailing his circus. With the economy sliding downhill, the elections would actually be doing the IPL a big favour. I am sure that this year there will be no corporate takers for the IPL circus. With the tickets priced at unaffordable levels for mortals, sales were dependent on corporate generosity. This year, even the corporates would have to do a rethink.
The TV channels have a field day talking to the Home Minister on a mundane subject like cricket. And the Home Minister, who is never shy of generous sound bites, goes to length to explain!!
What fun it is. The IPL cricket is such a flawed format that it does not arouse any passion or support from the viewer. Only the media goes overboard since they have a vested interest!!
As far as the cricketers are concerned, they might miss some easy pickings should the IPL not happen this year.

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