Saturday, February 21, 2009

A heart doctor with the wallet in his head

Yesterday, a bombay paper reported that one Dr Bhattacharya, backed out from performing a heart surgery. Apparently, he had initially agreed for Rs.7.50 lakh for a few hours surgery, and then changed his mind and hiked his fee. When the patient / his relatives did not consent for the hike, he just cancelled the "appointment". So, they went to another doctor.

In Bombay I have seen and heard of doctors who behave even worse. I also wonder whether any of these doctors really pay taxes on their full income. Surely, @ 7.50 lakh per heart and 300 hearts in a year, the said doctor should be netting over 20 crore rupees annually!! And this should be his minimum fee!! And the best part is that he would be collecting fees upfront and even if the patient dies, he collects.
How unlike a plumber who we will not pay if he does not stop the leak!!
I think that if the tax guys raid all the top 'brand' doctors in the metro cities, they can have a ball!!

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