Monday, November 19, 2007

Today I start my blog. Frustrations Amalgamated was a Jazz Rock band, that used to play in India in the seventies. This was our college days. Having grown up on Camus, Ayn Rand, Jean Paul Sartre, Joseph Heller, Asterix and Jazz our tastes were exotic and our thoughts, idealistic. The interesting thing was that all of us were from middle class ( single room houses, 300 to 500 buck salaries) and frustrations were galore. It was the best of times. What has stuck with the group of friends from those years are the values.
My blog is a tribute to my friends. Maybe they will read, maybe not.
I will recount experiences from personal life, my views on anything and everything I feel strongly about.
Whilst I have spent the best of my working life in the investment and finance industry (which I belive is the most useless one to society, say even as compared to a plumber), having had no formal education so as to say, I believe that I am equally well equipped to comment on the world and its affairs with as much authority as any Head of a Nation.

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